Thursday, October 22, 2015

Llamas and Spiderman

Hola everyone! 

This week has been Craziness! 

First I bought some Llama Socks and that pretty much made my week right off the bat. Then we took a trip to ConcepciĆ³n because my comp got sick. We then ate Cuchurin (cow intestine) and played with a little bunny rabbit. We ate A TON of meat, got ridiculously fat, Then Spider man came out of nowhere and captured me....he was holding me hostage for a few days but then.....I escaped to Neverland!!!

                                                 THE END
                                          (See pictures below)

 So that was pretty much how this week went....and it was awesome!!! We have been doing really great out here in Laja. Our lessons are so amazing and I have been able to feel the Spirit more and more. We have an investigator named Enrique who we are trying to get baptized the 31st this month! We are planning on having his friend Sofie give the baptismal challenge! She is so excited and really wants him to progress! We had a lot of citas fall this week but we have been running on a lot of faith! The spirit guided me through so much this week especially out contacting in the street. Everything was going super great and then all of a sudden I got sucker punched in the gut with this sickness. It got super bad yesterday and I had to stay home... :´( but I have faith! and I also received a blessing so that will help a lot as well! 

Thank you all for your letters and love! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic and safe week! 

With much love, 

Elder Callister

Oh and I thought of other things you could send for Christmas:

Swedish fish
Aaaaand a little toy Suzuki dirt bike :)


Monday, October 12, 2015

Letter from 10/12/15

So my Birthday was so fun! The day before these two Hermanas from the ward (young women) left after the last Saturday session of conference and then came back without us knowing. Then all of a sudden they tell us to pause the Priesthood Session (we were in the church) so that we could come in to another room. I walk in and there was this huge Torta De Manjar with bebidas y Galletas! (see picture) It was so Awesome! They sing a different happy birthday by the way but other than that it is the same. I had a blast! Then the next day E. Yson made me a Frac Frita Cake (fried fracs). It was the best!

 So this week was pretty crazy! We had Cambios (exchanges) and we got a new Elder here in Laja se llama Elder Chidester from Henderson Nevada. This dude is so crazy! We have had so much fun this week getting to know each other and talking about his experience out on the mission (he´s got 20 months out here).

 This week we had a lot of citas (appointments) fall but we are still trucking along. I had a few times along the way that were pretty difficult. I got sick one day, then got a bunch of viruses on my memory card the next day, and then totally failed in a couple lessons with investigators. It was bad, but I was able to come out strong from it. I received a blessing from my comp and almost immediately felt the comfort from my Savior. You really do learn to come close to Christ in a completely different way out here. I love it so much and would not ask for anything else. 

Other than that the week was pretty chill. This week we have a ton of awesome plans and we are so excited to get going on them! I will let you all know how it goes! Hope you all have a great week!!!

Happy Birthday Elder Callister!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! I had an amazing time with the guys here in Chile! I hope you all are doing great and will talk to you guys next week!