Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Letter from 9/21/15

Thank you so much for the love and support! you are so amazing and I thank you so much for your prayers! I have gotten a lot of support this week and i feel that this week will be a lot better.

This last week was Chile´s Independence day and it was insane!!! I had meat coming out my ears! I love the culture here and all the people! they just want to enjoy life and have fun with their families. We went to a huge parade in the morning and watched all the bands and schools perform. Then we went to Hermana Pobletes home where we became obese. Then we headed back home to die, and after went to a huge fair by the bomberos where we played a bunch of games, had some mote con huesillo, saw a bunch of drunk people, and bought some sweet gifts. That night when we still had time, elder Yson had a brilliant idea. there are these beautiful cookies here called FRACS and they are just so fantastic. Though Elder Yson thought it would be better to deep fry them, because come on everything is better deep fried, cierto? So we bought 40 fracs and deep fried them. Now dont judge us quite yet and say that we are so fat to eat 40 fracs by ourselves. We took them around to our neighbors houses and had them try a bunch. We ended up getting more mote con huesillo, more empanadas, and 14 contactos in about 20 min. Behold, the power of FRACS!!!! T´was so beautiful. So yeah that´s how the 18th went. And I have already decided that we are going to celebrate it back at home every year from now on.

The rest of the week was great. We had an ataque de zona and had some sweet lessons in L.A. We had a great activity with the members on saturday with games, sports, and tons of food. We prefromed some hymns to the ward on elder Ysons ukulele and watched the ward dance the cueca. I just love this country so much!!

So Catalina is not doing so good right now and I think we are going to back off for a little bit. She doesn´t want to talk to anyone right now and she is not doing great with her family. We don´t have anyone progressing right now but we have a ton of faith and are working super hard to get more lessons with people. Also the baptism is going to happen this week instead. So please pray for Ana Maria this week to prepare for her baptism.

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