Thursday, November 12, 2015

Food Poisoning :(

So this week I was sick.....the whole week! It was absolutely terrible. It was after our huge lunch on Sunday my gut just did not feel right, and from then on I just died. I traveled up to ConcepciĆ³n about 4 times this last week, once for my comp and 3 times for me. I got thrown into the ER on Monday, they found nothing. Wednesday got thrown into a different doctor, found nothing as well. Then Saturday they went and did an ultra sound on my gut aaaaaannnnnd nothing! It was just so great.

It was hard being told to stay in for so much time during the week. The work is so awesome out here and I hate having to miss out on it. But it was doctors’ orders and I felt like crud. I am still not completely better but I feel better now that I don´t have to stay home. 

I was given permiso to go and work on Friday. In about 4 hours we found someone (Juan Carlos) taught him and put a baptismal was so crazy! Then we taught Enrique and put the date with him too for the 7th!!! We are so excited! 

The best part about the week was yesterday when we found out the first dude we taught, Juan, is actually a member......his is a bit mentally disabled and he totally forgot he was baptized 20 years ago.....I had not laughed so hard in a LONG time! 

Thank you all again for your letters and love! I love you all and hope all goes well this week!!


Elder Callister

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