Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chilean Cinnamon Rolls

Hey Yáll! 

This week was so much better! I felt a lot more energized. 

The week started off pretty rough. I was walking down from one of our dinner appointments
on Tuesday and all of a sudden I just doubled over in pain in my gut. I knew it was the end of my life......then...I didn´t that’s good :) I was told by the mission doctor to go home for the rest of the day. I somewhat listened....after we found some one really quick and taught them ;) then I got home....and realized that someone had stolen my memory card adaptor....with my memory car in it. Choa no mas with that. That was a real downer but that did not stop me from working my tail off this week. We had a district goal to get 10 invitations to be baptized this week for each companionship and if we got it I would make cinnamon rolls for everyone tomorrow. We got 11 ourselves and I am pretty sure that everyone else did awesome too! We came out with 5 baptismal dates and 3 new investigators! FAITH BABY!!! Just got to have it.

Today we went to Los Saltos del Laja as a zone. It´s pretty much a huge waterfall that you can walk down to and get absolutely soaked. So we did....and we got wet...and it was awesome. They had tons of little tiendas too which were fun and we bought some sweet stuff!

Thanks again for everything and for all the love and letters you send. Much love and prayers from Chile!


Elder Callister 

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