Saturday, February 13, 2016

A new Chapter in the Mission

Editor's (Mom's) Note:
In his mission, when a missionary is brand new to the mission they call it being 'born', so all new missionaries are referred to as 'babies'. :)

Well my comp Elder Arancibia left to go home to his house in Santiago....and I have no clue who my next comp will be, because he will be "born" on Wednesday! I will be heading up to Concepción tomorrow to go start my training. It´s going to be super fun! We have 4 people in the zone that are training so we have a zone of pure "babies" in the mission!

This week was crazy/interesting. My comp was getting ready to leave the mission and go see his family. It was hard to stay on topic at times but we got through and finished. He is a great missionary and will do great things after the mission!

One thing that I learned this week was that humility is hard. Naturally we are not very humble. Whether it be big or small, we are human and need to continually learn to try and be humble in all things. One thing that has stood out to me was that a great way to learn to be humble is to simply put yourself in others shoes. Many times we go through life assuming others feel one way or act another way only coming to find out that we were completely wrong. Listening to and teaching our investigators has been a really good example. They don´t understand everything that we are teaching them and that is why we are there. Sometimes we think that they understand or that they SHOULD understand because, to you, it is so clear. But in reality we sometimes need to sit back, think about the situation and see how your actions can help to change the circumstance. I have seen how when humility and patience is applied, miracles happen. People open up and you can really see the hand of the Lord work in your life. I love the Saviors example in humility and I want to continue following His example every day. 

I love you all and hope that you all can make it a goal in your lives to continue in the path of the Lord. I know it will bless your life. It has always blessed mine. I hope all goes well this week and may the Spirit be with you.


Elder Callister

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