Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hey y'all! 

So I have a lot of changes to tell you all from what happened this week! We just got a call from the office and everything is changing here in the zone, I am training again, my trainer is coming to my sector to finish the training of my "hijo" in the mission and everyone who trained last cambio is basically changing companions. I don´t know why this is happening but I feel that our mission president has something amazing in store for the mission! 

This last week was crazy busy and full of opposition but so amazing! We had so many investigators that kept falling in our plans and we could not get in contact with anyone. Despite this roadblock, we worked our tails off; it was hard, I am super beat, but we finished out with the baptism of Emilio! This kid is the bomb! I love him so much. His attitude is always positive and he is always searching for more opportunities to apply what he is learning. I just want to testify that through our faith and diligence anything can be overcome and we can help others to come closer to our Father in Heaven.

I would like to make a quick invite too; the new video on is so beautiful about following the example of Christ. I invite you all to look it up and remember your Savior in this beautiful time of the year!

I love you all and know that you are all faithful servants of the Lord. Keep up the great work and I hope you all have an amazing week!

Love Elder Callister

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