Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mini Golf - Chilean Style

Hey Yáll!

It is so awesome to hear from you guys and all the awesome things you are doing back in the states! We just got back from Los Angeles from playing mini golf with the rest of the guys. It was the most ghetto minigolf place I had ever seen. It was just concrete slabs in the middle of a bunch of crab grass. Then I thought to myself, oh wait, We´re in Chile. It was still fun and we bought a ton of ice cream after!!


Many of you had the question of, how in the heck did I make an Oreo pie in Chile. Well may I introduce you to the Store Lider AKA Chilean Walmart!!! It´s the best, but the closest one is in Los Angeles (an hour away by bus). So the past couple weeks we had been there for our P day, hanging out with the other dudes in the zone, so I picked up some Oreo´s (all crushed from being shipped 10,000 km from the US) and some Great Value Peanut butter, though it was not the cheapest in the world. TOTALLY worth it though! It basically gave me diabetes. 

This week was pretty good as far as the work goes. We had a ton of plans to be working with the members. This is part of our goals for this next cambio. We are trying to get more member help in the lessons because that is one of the best ways for people to progress. If you ever have the chance to work with the missionaries, DO IT!! It is the best!!!!

I love you all and hope you are doing amazing! Continue being awesome and I will talk to you later!


Elder Callister


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