Monday, December 28, 2015

The Cherry Picking Elders of Traiguen

Once upon a time, two Elders in the city of Triaguén were walking down the street with much hunger and pain. they had been walking for hours and had accumulated many blisters on their feet. 

With the heat of the hot summer sun and injuries they were becoming weaker and weaker, until something dropped on Elder Arancibia´s head. He looked down and found that it was a bright, red, juicy cherry. They looked up in excitement to find a giant cherry tree with plenty of cherries to satisfy their hunger. 

They began to pick like mad men and gather as many cherries as possible. They had picked all the cherries they could reach, but saw that there was so much more beyond their reach. They had to think of a way to get them....Then Elder Callister threw a roundhouse kick to the gut of the tree and many cherries fell down.

But it wasn´t enough.....they had to use their heads Elder Arancibia came out of nowhere with a Rhinoceros Attack to the tree and all the cherries came tumbling down. 

They were saved and the hunger was satisfied. they returned to the house after work with their tummies full and full of happiness. But then all of a sudden they quickly began to the see the side effects of the Wild fruit. They had not just picked random cherries from a tree, they were in fact beard growing cherries.....Elder Callister And Elder Arancibia were stuck with eternal dope beards and could do nothing about it. But they were content.....because they are dope.

The End