Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Area





Hey Y'all!!!

Please forgive me for not writing in forever! A lot of craziness has happened lately! 

First of all, I have been changed to the city Victoria. I am still in the same zone and with the same companion, Elder Rodrigues, but just in a different sector. The first few weeks were pretty difficult. We had to reopen the sector because it had been closed for 6 weeks. We both had no idea what to expect, had no clue who anyone was and we had to start everything from scratch. We both got super sick during these few weeks and had trial after trial after trial. It was CRAZY! But if I can say anything it is that with trials come miracles. We finished the first few weeks with, a baptism and a revival of the sector. It was so amazing and we have grown in ways that we cannot even describe! It was possible and could only ever be possible through Our Savior Jesus Christ. We have grown closer to Him through this work and we are continuing to grow closer and closer every day. Life is so good especially when you put the will of the Lord in first place before everything else. I know and have a strong testimony that God will not ever leave your side as long as we are living the commandments and doing everything we can to show him that we love Him.

I love you all so very much and I pray for all of you to continue strong in you paths. Thank you all for you love and support and for always showing your examples to those around you. I love this work; I know it's the work of the Lord and that it will bless all those who trust in the Lord. Have a great week!!!


Elder Callister


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