Friday, July 1, 2016

New Sector!

Hey Yáll!!!!

So happy to hear from you all! It sounds like a blast soaking up the sun, enjoying the summer! Please enjoy all of it for me....I'm trying to type as fast as possible to warm up my fingers! It´s so dang cold here! My new sector is a lot more down south. I love it though! My comp Elder Stevenson is so awesome and I love being a zone leader with him. A lot more responsibility but I love learning more and more.

I apologize for not being able to write to everyone personally. With more responsibilities there is more to do during this short hour of writing. I figure one big email to everyone fixes the problem.

This week was so fun! First off....CHILE WON!!!!!! The American cup was on Sunday and it was so crazy here. We obviously couldn’t watch it but we got to take advantage of it in the work of salvation! We had the idea to go to the plaza during the pregame where everyone gathered to watch the game on the big screen. We pulled in a big white board with words that said, "Tell Us Who Wins!!" We did a huge game to see who would win the Cup. They had to come and put their names, number, who would win, final points, and who would make the goals....people loved it!!! There were about 60 names on this sheet at the end of the nights and now we have about 60 people to pass by for. 2 people won the game and now we have to go and cook them a huge BBQ from the states! It’s going to be so awesome! 

This week in my studies I really focused on the way we can better understand our purpose here on earth. We are teaching a lot of people here who really don't understand why they are here or where they are going. It is sad to see but drives us even more to share this message with everyone. We had a super awesome lesson with one of our investigators a couple days ago. Her name is Julia and she had a daughter named Paloma who is listening as well. She had so many questions about why we are here and what she needs to do in life. She has grown up Catholic and she doesn’t really study the bible a lot. So we used a lot of scriptures and visuals to help her understand. We came to a point where she had a question about the spirit. She said that she was not doing too well in her life, in her job, life at home, and other aspects of life. But right when the missionaries came over she started to change a few things. She said she started to feel a weird change in her mind and in her heart and she didn't know what it was, only that it was changing everything for the good in her life and the lives of her family. We testified like CRAZY about the influence of the spirit and that this was the path she needed to follow! We went to pray at the end and she was so happy after praying to her Father in Heaven!! It made my whole week!

I testify that these things are true. These experiences are real and they are without doubt from a loving Heavenly Father. I love you all and hope all goes well this week!!


Elder Callister

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