Monday, October 17, 2016

Putting the Batteries In

(From 9/26/16)
Helllllooooo America!!!! (and Chile...Varii ;)) 

I am but so very grateful to be able to write all of you. This week has been such a blessing for my companion and I.

Unfortunately I cannot say that this week started off perfect without any problems. It was a bit rough at first. Sunday, Marcos (the one who was baptized last week) did not show up to be confirmed a member of the church and receive the Holy that was not good at all because this is an essential part of the baptism. He got sick after he was baptized on Thursday and was not able to get out of his bed Sunday. Not good...

We then began to have a few difficulties as a companionship trying to see what we needed to do in our sector. It can be very difficult after a baptizing. Finding new people to teach is very important and necessary to continue working effectively. Well we didn’t have too much to work with. That was until "nos pusimos las pilas" (put in the batteries) and saw miracles happen in our sector and zone. Mornings were the best. FULL of revelation and understanding of what God wanted us to do right now in our lives. I really cannot explain how awesome it is to receive such revelation but it is incredible. We began to have idea after idea after idea and God blessed us for it as we put it into practice. People began to be put right in our paths, others coming up to us asking for us to teach them about Christ. Blessings from the Lord. 

The biggest realization we made together this week was that God loves us more than we can even imagine. The ONLY thing he asks of us is to be obedient to His commandments and Love others. Sometimes this can be a little hard. To strive to be exactly obedient. Though I know with obedience comes power and more understanding and love from above through the Holy Spirit. It is so beautiful. 

We love working together and we feel that we are learning more and more every day. I know that God loves each and every one of His children. How much, I do not know, but we can begin to know and understand this as we strive to love and serve others around us every single day. Keep the commandments. Love God and everything will be ok. 

I love you all so much and I know that God loves you. Seek Him out in daily prayer and scripture study and I promise you that He will bless you more than you could ever imagine.

Have a great week!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Callister

p.s. Marcos came yesterday and was confirmed!!! I love this man!!!!

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