Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back from the dead....

Hello my amazing friends and family!!

Very sorry for the delay in writing. I was very sick last week and was not even able to get out of bed... but I have risen from the dead and I am ready to go again! Wooo!!

Last week was very busy, not so fun from the sickness but manageable. We had the baptism of Emanuel! He was so happy and we could feel the spirit so strong in his testimony. I know that the spirit has changed his heart and that he is a true disciple of Christ.

This week on Thursday we have another baptism of a girl named Yadranka. She is 10 years old and soooo excited to be baptized! We are very excited to see this family be a completed family with everyone baptized and ready to go to the temple. I love this work so much!

A thought from my studies this week:

I have seen the effects of what occurs when one obeys the commandments and when one does not obey the commandments so many times in my mission. Every day I see it. I feel a need to express my desire for all of you to continue to be faithful in the gospel...doing the simple things and putting emphasis in these little things...things like reading your scriptures, saying your morning and nightly prayers, and going to church, all with an intensified focus on searching for the comforting feelings of the Holy Spirit. He changes lives. These things are so essential in our spiritual progression and our learning here in mortality. It has brought me protection and has allowed me to feel a constant love from my Father in Heaven. Obeying or disobeying the commandments does not only affect you, it affects the people around us too. As we obey, we can and will be a light unto the world and literally save souls. I love the Lord and I am so grateful for his Gospel. I love each and every one of you and pray that you feel the Lord’s love each and every day. I hope you all have a beautiful week this week. Que dieu vous benisse (French: May God bless you) :)


Elder Callister

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