Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mother's Day and Diligence

Hello, hello friends and family!

I apologize again for the lack of details these last couple of weeks! I shall repent and try again....

How are you all?! I hope things are going great back at home and in your crazy busy lives with work, school, etc...The Chilean life is grand. I love much! Yesterday was awesome talking to the family for Mother’s Day. It was a great treat to keep the energy up and moving. Well, unfortunately yesterday the energy was completely destroyed after we went to lunch...3 gigantic pieces of steak and a mountain of mashed potatoes later....there was no hope. But yes it was very much delicious ;)

The work has been moving great here in Galvarino. We are now teaching 3 people in our focus group: Emilia (age 10), Yessica (age 40) and Joseph (age 10). They all have accepted baptismal dates and are very excited to be baptized. It has been so awesome being here in their progression. It is so amazing to see how the spirit works in their lives. I will give more updates on them later when we teach them this week but we would love if you could all pray for them to receive answers to their prayers and achieve this goal of baptism. Thank you!

Something awesome that I learned in my scripture study this last week was about how the Book of Mormon repeats the word Diligence many times throughout the book. It stood out to me as I was reading in all the small books between 2 Nephi and Moroni. I looked up the definition for Diligence. It says, to strive constantly and valiantly, particularly the service of the Lord and obedience to His word. I really love this definition. It gives us an idea of how we must be working, and acting every day of our lives. I know that if we are diligent in keeping the commandments, serving the Lord and obeying every word, we will have His Guidance and love every second of our lives.

I love you all so much and I really do appreciate your love and devotion to serve the Lord. I hope you all have a great week this week and I will talk to you all later!


Elder Callister

What we do when we get bored on the bus.....

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