Sunday, August 16, 2015

First letter from the MTC! 7/21/15

Mi compañero is great! His name is Élder Andrews. At first he was a little strange and then I got to know him a little more over the past week. He is from Draper, UT and he also is fresh meat from high school. He has a great spirit and loves to learn. He struggles a lot with the language so I have been trying to help as much as possible. He's got the drive and will power to learn I just sometimes gotta kick it out of him.

So the food is pretty much the most authentic food ever, and I love it! Though sometimes the food does not like me's pretty much as they say, beans, rice, and corn tortillas! But today is pizza night and ALLL the white kids here all very excited ;)

Mexico is freakin ghetto! Seriously thought I was going to die on the way to the CCM. People just walk out in the middle of the road like they own the place and cars are constantly slamming into each other. It´s kinda cool though. I love the culture here and los Latinos are pretty dang awesome as well. The CCM is the biggest in property size but Provo is still the biggest one out of all of them. We have about 90 acres of land with so much to do around it. We have 20 ft barbed wire fences lining the whole place with guards at the entrance and exit points. I feel really safe here and the spirit is so amazing. We went to the temple today to go through the visitor’s center. It was so beautiful! The Mexico City temple is the biggest temple outside the US. We felt the spirit so much going through the tour. I got some great stuff al la Tienda (store) and we got to see some great stuff on our way back al CCM. We also sang hymns en Español the whole way voice is shot!

I have come so close to my Heavenly Father here. I have especially come close to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us. He wants all to come unto Him. And yes, that is the MOST important news we can tell people today, and I am doing just that right now.

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