Thursday, August 20, 2015

Letter from 8/18/15

Seriously I am so excited to get to Chile! It is coming so fast! All but three in our District are going to Chile. The Hermanas are going to Portland and Elder Welburn is going to Texas

School school school....I remember those days. Sounds like it´s pretty crazy over there! I hope the girls get some great teachers! Have them let me know who they have as teachers when school starts.

So we were playing volleyball on Thursday in the gym and all was going well. We were destroying....and the other team was crying. You know, same old same old. Then an Elder comes up to hit the ball. We try to hit it back. We got 3 hits and don´t quite make it over.....though Elder Andrews decided to try and dive for it anyway. Well....he kinda missed and tripped over E. Haymore. He fell, hit his head and everyone cringed as he hit the floor. What everyone did not notice however was that he didn´t just hit his head and get back up. Next thing you know you hear one of the Hermanas scream and run. My companion started having a grand mal seizure. I immediately pushed the Elders out of the way and ran over to my comp. At this point in my life I am thanking God many times for the knowledge and training I have received over the last few years in the medical field. I went and turned him to where his head wouldn´t hit the floor and let it play out until the seizure was over. It finally stopped after about 30 seconds and I was able to start talking to him and check vitals; He started responding after a little while and was able to start coming to about 20 min after it had happened. We took him on a stretcher to the Doctors office and had him rest for the remainder of the day. We later were able to give him a blessing and he is now doing a lot better.

I am really grateful that God is looking out for us. I am grateful for all the trials I go through too. I know that God is always there for us when we need anything and I know that he loves each and every one of us.

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