Sunday, August 16, 2015

Letter from 8/11/15

This week went by really fast! It's crazy to think that I only have 2 more weeks here! I have been praying and fasting a lot about the language and it is coming along really well! 

We have firesides every Tuesday night and 2 on Sundays. They are so much fun! We also watch a movie every Sunday night too. I am glad to hear that you are going to be doing this challenge. I know it will bring many blessings!

I can’t even believe that Elder Burnett and Elder Thornton are home already! That went by too fast! That is not good for me at all! That just means I can't waste any time here. Got to work work work! That's all I do around here. Work for about 13 hours a day. Study work eat study work and eat. But I love it! 

This last Sunday I gave my first sacrament talk in EspaƱol. It was so much fun! I felt the spirit so much and I was really confident in myself. It was great (: I have 4 investigators now and I love teaching them. They are all really different from each other! My teaching is better, my Spanish is better, and life is just great!

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