Sunday, August 16, 2015

Letter from 8/4/15

I am doing well! Thank you! This week was pretty much the same as all the other weeks busy busy busy! My district is so awesome! Most of them are from Utah. One is from Wyoming, another from Mississippi, and two from Arizona. Then we got little old Kuna, ID over here ;)

So in answer to your question about your lesson, I would add: the importance of realizing that a calling was made for a reason from God. We are all God's children and must all be treated as such. Yes some can be quite annoying or different, but it is important to develop Christ like attributes and love everyone. 

This last Sunday we had a devotional. We watched a devo that Elder Bednar gave to the Provo MTC a while ago. First off, I have never heard a devotional as inspiring as this one, it was SO amazing! In the devo it talked about how we as latter Day Saints need to learn to ''Turn Out" when others ''Turn In''. In other words, we need to learn to be Christ like when others are selfish. I don't know if you could watch it on but if you can try to do so for next FHE! There is a challenge in this talk that I want to give to you all. The challenge is to find ways to be more like Christ and to learn how to Turn Out in those difficult times. The best way we can learn how to do so is in the scriptures. So, What I have started to do and what I would like you all to do is go get the family cheap copies of the Book of Mormon. Then from front to back, read the whole book with a question in mind. In this case, "How can I learn to Turn Out when other Turn In?" As you read, mark only scriptures that help to answer this question. I have felt a change in myself by doing so. I have felt the spirit constantly with me to help me become a representative of Christ. I know this will bring many blessing to our family by doing so and it will help us to come closer to Christ and our Father in Heaven.

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